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Zero Review: Failed at story narrating with copy of Sairat music

Zero Review: Failed at story narrating with copy of Sairat music
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Zero. Shunya!

Technically nothing, but can scare you, twist your life around, and change it forever, when you start from the ground up - from nothing. This is the story of Bauua Singh (Shahrukh Khan), a chap who stands at 4 feet 8", and is practically defined by this vertical challenge. He sometimes blames his father for his "dirty habits" that landed him in this fate, and often curses the Universe for playing such a cruel joke on him, despite giving him everything else life could offer. He is extremely touchy, nasty, and mischievous too; and what he lacks by way of a manly build, he more than makes up for it through his confidence, unbelievable optimism and a dare-devil go-getter attitude.

So if he dreams of one day romancing Bollywood actress Babita Kumari (Katrina Kaif) who is well, miles and miles out of his league, you needn't be shocked. He wants her, he will get to her. And so, by that token, if he is struck by Aafia (she is a scientist and has cerebral palsy and they meet via a matchmaker) - who gives him the time of the day to do some "munh dikhai" for shaadi byaah, but has enough gumption and self-respect to shake up his male ego and ignore him, well then, he must make a place for him in her heart. Yes I know, it sounds chauvinistic, and almost Playboy-ish types.

But that's exactly what Bauua does. He believes he has fallen in love with Aafia, and does she, and so we do...they flirt, kiss, sing a song or two, make love...until the D-day arrives and everything turns topsy-turvy, when Bauua positively chickens out and instead runs an event gracing Babita for the evening. Babita, on the other hand, entertains this funny, amusing man and keeps him by her side as a chaperone. As she learns to mend her broken heart and tires of Bauua’s unrealistic notions about his place in her life, and as Aafia continues to climb higher ladders of success, Bauaa falls deeper into the trench, Babita and he are made for each other.

But as is mentioned early on in the movie – rishta barabari walon ke saath hota hai.

Bauaa learns this the hard way, as he is thrown out of Babita’s life and high-profile circle. True to his nature, he doesn’t waste a minute in making a dash for Aafia and winning her back. Yes, this inconsistency in his affections makes you sick and disgusted, but Bauaa really does change into a man worthy in his own eyes in the latter half of the movie. Only an actor like SRK could have essayed the conflicting shades of this character. There is so much to pick in Bauaa, and yet, that optimism and brave heart of his are what make him likable. A lot of people will say Khan has done all of this before.

I disagree though. He has never before played a dwarf (in fact, no Bollywood actor has) AND still romanced a qualified scientist way out of his league. SRK makes this character charming and someone you empathize with, at least towards the end. This movie proves why he will always remain the undisputed King of Romance. Anushka Sharma as Aafia plays the role with restraint, consistency and depth. A lot could have gone wrong with portraying cerebral palsy, but she makes it empowering rather than something to feel sorry for, which is the way it should be.

Katrina Kaif TOO acted decently in this movie, for once, after long!! Now we know she can do more than just dance on item songs. Don’t try and go looking for logic. You will find none, at many, many junctures in the film. For instance, Bauaa’s magical ability of making stars fall off from the sky. And of course,  Bauaa lounging around the space center like it's his personal rec room.

Zero technically alludes to Bauaa’s tryst at the space research center (am not saying more, you got to watch it to believe it). But for me, Zero is about starting from nothing, and taking off on the faith that it will will work out. Zero is about Bauaa Singh, a chap who transformed from a “Small Man with a Big Ego” to a Hero. To a star of his own life. And finally, worthy of seeing himself in the mirror and not cursing the Universe. - Vanessa Zen

This deserves 3/5 rating and just become another movie in the list of failures of SRK. Copy of Sairat music makes this wonderful to watch in songs but still, it feels copy of the copy of a copy! now Ajay Atul should stop remaking the same music of Sairat again and again!


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