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Samsung Galaxy Fold: Full Specs and price Revealed!

Samsung Galaxy Fold: Full Specs and price Revealed!
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Rumor price: 1800$
Display Touch module alone costs: 218$

LG and Samsung have now been gonna enter this research zone and are prepared to make an entry of Foldable screen smartphones into the market. Their target looks that they want to sell 3.5 millions of Foldable smartphones by 2020 according to the concerts of LG and Samsung.

Samsung and LG are considered the best of the display tech companies and even the screen I am writing this blog on is also of the Samsung. No one is better in creating displays than LG and Samsung. So foldable screen was expected from them only. The screen and research are patented to Samsung and soon Samsung Galaxy F or Fold will enter to market with huge or relatable One Plus 6 price.

1800$ bill is there for the making and more to come in that after it distributes. With the latest modifications and polishing this might become 2000$ phone. But let's hope for the best and have this price around 700$ with the best specs.

This is also rumored to come with two prices and specs names F Plus and F.

The Galaxy Fold is expected to be announced next February at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.


Foldable smark phone will have two displays with this new Tech one when folded and one bigger when unfolded. The folded and unfolded will be giving the same functionality. It's like how we switch from mobile to Tab for some reasons. But with this, we will just unfold mobile to convert it to a large screen. 

There are concerns that how you will handle this in a rough pocket or pocket with keys. How are long-term bad side effects on the folding screens? How normal damages to the screen will affect the phone. 
Samsung is well capable of resolving these issues and make peace with the folding screen. Also, news and Samsung have been intended that this is research and with Samsung, it is not a history that they launch unformed Tech. 

Soon in Feb, all will have new Tech now. 

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