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Two types: Photo mode with great graphics and photo mode with bad graphics!

Two types: Photo mode with great graphics and photo mode with bad graphics!
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Some three-dimensional games include a photo mode to enable its players to fine-tune the screenshots they take of it.
Textures and many assets of the game take a lot  of time to polish and in the end when the product is about to publish it is observed that the polishing differs from device to device and graphics takes a lot of time to come to 30FPS including its motion blur, damage, dirt on vehicle, vehicle sunlight reflecting and all kinds of rendering.

With this considered now, games are having photo mode and some YouTubers are just taking the benefit of the photo mode to entertain the users with special videos. All those videos do get appreciated by some audience but not that much.

What is photo mode?
Photo mode is where the game developers were used to control the game's angles and graphics quality and in this way they used to just travel in the game using special positions on the assets code's.
This feature's videos were always very much enjoyed when dev showcased it in the trailers. But now due to some strategies this feature is now in the hands of the gamers to enjoy and create fun.

God of war 2018 is considered the best photo mode game!
This is one example of photo mode with great graphics. There are many examples of photo mode with bad graphics and it is really a good deed if I dont name them here. but I am sure in the comments of this post you will be able to comment the bad photo mode games.

Now to the point!
What to do with photo mode and how much longer it will continue?
This feature is gonna take a lot of time wasting because many developers are going to be invested in this but actually photo mode is going to be a feature just twerked by the YouTubers and not actual gamers.
An actual gamer may not enjoy such angles and showcasing his/her gameplay to anyone. the actual gamer is dying. Many people are playing because of earning money from games.

A good photo mode game is the game which lets you scroll around the scene, control your aperture and depth of field, add filters, adjust exposure, add borders, and even tweak your characters' facial expressions.
So currently there are not many games for this. But God of war and Watch dogs 2 are some of the best games for photo mode.

If photo mode is there in the game then a focus is given to that feature and it might hamper your gameplay too. So buy games without photo mode in it a suggestion but if you want photo mode then make sure you review the photo mode somewhere on console and then only buy the game.

The most hurtful feeling is waste of money on games that are not worth it!
Hence this article!

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