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K.G.F: Chapter 1, Reviews: Fusion of History and Action

K.G.F: Chapter 1, Reviews: Fusion of History and Action
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Story: A period drama narrates the 17000-year-old history of oppressed waging wars against their oppressors. Set in the early 80s, KGF - the first chapter centers the protagonist who leads a battle against oppressors.

Release date: 21 December 2018 (India)Director: Prashanth NeelProducer: Vijay KirgandurMusic director: Ravi Basrur, Tanishk BagchiLanguages: Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean

KGF is a milestone not only in Sandalwood Movies Kannada film industry but for the entire film fraternity..It's a fitting reply by Kannada film lovers to the hate mongers..entire world film will now follow sandalwood and works by Kannadigas..Hats off to Prashant Neel sir and team for crafting a very good movie.. Making Kannadigas and lovers of Kannada films proud..the film is a periodic film starting off from Karnataka to Mumbai and coming back to shows the rise of a man for fulfilling his mother's wish to become a rich and powerful man..its an action-packed movie with each actor doing his best...right from children to senior actors who have acted in this movie have given their best..the film begins on a case being closed related to the man of KGF.

The news reporters start to discuss the history of KGF through a book written by writer Anand who starts to narrate of a day in 1951 where two incidents happen one is the birth of hero and other how people get gold in kgf..the hero comes to Mumbai from Karnataka as a child to become one of the underworld dons in Mumbai who will be eager to become a powerful man and rich ..he gets assigned to kill a person who is ruling also shows how he comes to Bangalore meets the heroine Nidhi Shetty in Bangalore and hatches a trap to kill the man ruling KGF but fails though a few might feel the first half is a bit slow but the death traps and action scenes keep them intriguing.

Second half is a master class which begins with a roar and shows how hero comes to the gold mines and the slavery of people in KGF and hero helping the people to come out if slavery..saavira Jana nin hinde idaare antha ankond ninge dhairya idre ond yuddha gelbahudu aadare neen munde idiya antha saavira janakke dhairya bandre prapanchane gelbahudu..this dialogue paves the way how hero rises to kill the don of KGF through his mastery..the climax scene is one of my favourite in the movie it's simply superb...second half shows how difficult it was for the team to shoot in the location..

yeh Mumbai Teri baap ki hai Kya nahi re tera baap ki aur tera baap mein Hun..

This dialogue is said by actor Yash in film but we kannadigas can tell proudly to others.

We cannot point one or two actors to have acted well as the entire crew have done a very good job as even the villains have done a good job right from scene 1..most of the actors are new and bringing out the best from each one says a lot of the director.. cinematography is one of the best work done till this day in film industry a great work done Bhuvan Gowda and and the timely songs keeps the audience at the edge of seat and thanks to Ravi basrur for that handsome job..Yash has become the new superstar of Indian film industry and in this movie his acting is best till date unlike his other movies where his mass dialects take attention..hombale films have provided full support to the team to bring out the best by funding good amount as each frame looks great and rich (it is no less than a Hollywood movie).artwork is also good as each dots in the movie is stitched well and gone to depth with screenplay...if you think you are bad am your dad ..gang jothe barano gangster obbane baronu monster.. and Yash and the team of KGF have shown they are monsters.

Salaam Rocky Bhai and kudos to the teamwork as no one gets disappointed after watching the movie..Do not support piracy and don't listen the loose talks on the movie as many would try to bring down sandalwood due to their envy..many people have already said good words on the movie and the support good movies and watch movie in theater as it is an experience and feel good factor..congrats Prashant Neel and team as director is the captain of sure KGF LL bag many awards in the coming wishes LL always be there to sandalwood and fresh filmmakers who are bringing new things and fresh ideas to the industry..KGF will sure cross 300 days ..

Deserves 4/5 rating for sure to the amazing Star Yash who rises from the bottom of the society to a Super Star level! 

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KGF movie review

KGF review

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