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Wiz Phone for 7$ by Google

Wiz Phone for 7$ by Google
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The WizPhone WP006 runs KaiOS like the JioPhone and JioPhone 2The Google feature phone also supports WhatsAppThe WizPhone WP006 has been priced at IDR 99,000 (approx Rs 490)[7$]

This is not exactly by Google but sponsored by Google and Wizphone is actually an Indonesian Tech Giant. In more news, it has been said to be a competitor of JIO phone 2 but I don't see why Google would care about JIO clearly Jio is a lot smaller market and this phone is made for the world, not just India. 

In India, we have Jio network plus its phones. Jio network is very bad and except voice calls, I don't see any good in using it. it gives free movies to watch and free in a lot of departments digitally but all is waste as according to range the speed varies and speed is always 300 kb/ps. 

Wizphone is a budget phone and to make it interesting the KaiOS is featured to have WhatsApp in it. I hope it works properly on this phone because of WhatsApp actually needs a lot of space and this phone is not going to have that much space. Working of Whatsapp may be limited and this will be the new KaiOS version that WhatsApp must be connecting to Google services. 

Google services API must be provided in KaiOS in order to work the Whatsapp. But it is rumored that it could be a standalone application which might never have an update. 

One more thought that comes to mind that this will be a 4g phone? 3G internet is not cheap and 2g is out of the question! so will this phone be able to get good internet connection. This is rumored to not have the WIFI. But yes this is rumored to have 4G. But how can anyone purchase 4G services and use it in this small phone! 

A lot of questions comes to mind about this one but this is clearly something which is necessary and will be used by everyone as we need extra phone for many things. 

Are you ready for the budget phone from Google! 

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