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NO VR in 2019: No one will tell you but VR has completely Failed its expectations!

No one will tell you but VR is completely Failed its expectations!
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"What is its goal? to show graphics in more reality? what it costs? Putting our eyes in danger and have 500gms of device tied to our head! is this novel deed"-PowerofNil

VR virtual reality announced few years ago then augmented reality came. These powers should have stayed back to use for research and study but marketing it and making its business too soon was their Enchantment which they could not resist my friends. A technology that was not perfect they got their success in selling it.

Now on the time of taking footsteps to 2019!
Let me warn you that do not waste into new electronics or technologies that come around in news. If they were perfect they would have came in larger scale and at lower price. VR did came in small prices and what does that show you? this is totally bad tech and B2B marketing done by the business people that is fooling the world for unformed technologies.

So dont let anyone fool you into buying anything that is 100% true technology.

Not VR then what?
New experiences to the eyes are necessary of course my friends! but not VR! Many have lost their site quality plus have got black burns due to VR in gaming and entertainment. It was total waste of time and the people who sell it they knew it but still they sold for profits.
Unless VR gets same in weight of a spectacle's then you can start using it. Unless it is safe do not go forward to using it.

And father of Google and microsoft in Tech research is Intel! So trust intel and they have already been making a spectacle that shows your mobile in small screen.

Intel will soon make it available for everyone.
It is very difficult to be not fooled. Hence this post :)


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