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Microsoft is afraid of Apple due to upcoming low priced MACBOOK for everyone

Microsoft is afraid of Apple due to upcoming low priced MACBOOK for everyone
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iPad from the moment it is launched it is showing games and painting related apps plus drawing related apps. When it arrived many devs only created games on it for kids. 

I have gone to many retail stores and I have seen that kids go to iPad and play catch fish in the pond game. Even cats also play the same thing in it. This is clearly a mistake Apple did. 
how ? read this! 
Apple wanted to give customers a bigger screen but for what? They actually wanted to make a big screen so that it eventually replaces books, photo albums. But they did not focus in that direction. They added a lot of things in it which made it unstable and confusing tech. The apps were there for the iPad which could help draw but why would Civil industry get to iPad for creating building and structures again it had a pen to draw but why would painters draw on iPad or even game developers draw textures on iPad. 

We have bigger software and systems than iPad to draw and create. 

So clearly this was only purchased by people who are interested in entertainment on a big screen and some normal use daily on iPad. 

So in some recent tweets and ads provided for the upcoming Christmas sales MS have given intentions that iPad is for kids and it is kids toy! 

MS is right and yes they must be having a bigger analysis to support that. Ever since iPad has arrived it is kids favorite because it becomes kids personal TV that they can control and play. 

Hence this 2019 forward Tech industry believes Apple will not be creating iPad's anymore but will be focusing on the MacOS and Mac price to get down. Currently, Mac PC price is very high for everyone in the world and this is a big problem that Apple should take care in the coming future. 

It is apples big decision and a decision that is taking them to loss that Mac PC needs to be higher priced. Instead of iPAD, MAC PC will be a surely bigger and better idea for everyone. 

Because MAC has following features, 

  1. Greater processing speed.
  2. Support many good software.
  3. Itunes apps are gold for this one. 
  4. Video editing is superb
  5. RAM handling is superb.
  6. Software feel awesome on it due to no lag. 
  7. iOS powered so software available for it have higher quality. 
  8. Creativity rises with just owning such high powered device 
  9. Many business people have MACOS laptops due to greate power management of the battery. 
  10. Secure! nothing can hack you! no website can get a cookie to your computer. 

MS is afraid that if MACBOOK comes for a lower price then windows will have the biggest fall in the tech industry because Game developers video editors and Civil industry all will fall into MACBOOK. 

Plus MS has already lost the Video editing industry as currently Hollywood movies and almost all movies are processed on software on MACOS for better speed of processing speed. The actual movies processing is high and windows PC will die in a second for files of 2000GB's.

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