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7 Awesome things about KGF Movie | Super Star Yash

7 Awesome things about KGF Movie | Super Star Yash
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1) Story high level is good but in screen play they made it worst . In first half every 10min u will see fighting  which makes u adhere.anathnag sir voice makes plus here in narration. Another bad thing is lengthy. Dont know you they divided movie into two. Simply dragging childhood and grownup which is not required. Instead they made one complete movie with good screen play if they work on script some more time instead shooting long time. They are trying to copy bahubali fame.3/5.

2) Yash looks and acting is good . But full movie he show same angry expression which is not required.Here also buildup continued.i think only fans like it. Other audience will not.3/5

3) Music is okok. Here also asusual buildup songs . But wrt movie few songs are not necessary. Even tammana song picturization is worst.1/5

4) Heroine looks good. But no acting and other characters made good especially villans achutarao was amazing asusual.4/5

5) Camera work is very good in some scence and very bad in some place. Not able to visualize the scence properly in some scence. But good part is very good effort.3/5

6) Director done good job. But we can see some scence simmlar picture from Ugram effects.Even BG music too.Good effort but I think he may pressured later for Bollywood sequel from Btown ppl to change some script in movie. So he may gave up .. 4/5

7) Producer investment we can see through out the movie. good work. Marketing is done well. Need to be control on script before investing .They said it will release in 2000 screen but they end up with 1350 screens.4/5

movie review is 4/5


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