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12-year-old girl Wrote Mama, I love you on palm before suicide, teacher blamed

12-year-old girl Wrote Mama, I love you on palm before suicide, teacher blamed
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The pressure of education and stress of responsibilities is given to a child of 12 years old???? Is this what human life have come to!!! We are the smartest species on earth and we have chosen to live life this way!!! Here the teacher is not responsible and not her parents also!! here we all humans are responsible!!! If we are too brave to educate kids in many things!! why not first educate in handling stress handling life's problems handling attention seeking! handling bullies!Why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? RIP little girl!  

Dehli: “The girl committed suicide around 3 pm on December 1,” Additional deputy commissioner of police (west) Sameer Sharma said. The 12-year-old was found hanging in her room by her mother.

Her mother said she had been scolded by a teacher and she was upset. “We are looking into allegations by the mother,” the officer said.

“After my daughter’s death, her friend told me that she was very sad as two of her teachers had called her ‘characterless’ in front of the whole classroom”, the mother told news agency ANI.

Class 7 student allegedly committed suicide at her house in west Delhi’s Inderpuri on December 1, police said, adding that her mother had told them the girl was often rebuked by teachers at school.

God please give all of us a change that people will love their kids and will not harm their kids in any way.

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Location Pune, Maharashtra, India

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