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Kaala: Most awesome version of Rajnikanth!

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Most awesome version of Rajnikanth is in Kaala my friends!

He is furious! He is king! He is confident and he is super duper lover to his wife at 60 age.
U get to see Rajnikanth in good suite in lungi in normal cloths that we usually wear and also

We see his style his aura his action and his appearance!

This is the most awesome movie u will ever see in this year! Also I recommend u it bcz it has Nana Patekar in the Negetive role!

Thanks to NANA all the way to be ready for this role and he is very smart not to miss this chance to work with the Thala!

Thanks to him and his presence this movie we saw equal Mass from Nana and Kaala!

Just one word! Awesome!

go in theaters and enjoy! #Kaala
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Kaala movie review


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