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How to choose a restaurant?

How to choose a restaurant?
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How to choose a better restaurant?

The worst part of our life is paying for a meal that we did not like!  So we need to make sure that we always choose the right restaurants and the right foods of course.

So When you go out this is what you should order for Indian meals on the side,

  1. Green salad 
  2. Fresh lime soda. 

These two are really important and will of course make sure that you digest properly everything and also your food will taste better while you have it. A little sugar syrup in the fresh lime soda will always lighten up your mood and will make you eat more. This is surely going to make you healthy guys and your stomach will be happy with whatever you eat because of this items. 
For next things to order from the menu make sure you follow these steps for choosing food, 

  1. Analyse the menu and search for main course first. 
  2. in the main avoid ordering anything that is thick gravy because that will be less and unhealthy due to heavy content of masalas. 
  3. So Enjoy your dinner will thin gravy and roti.
  4. Always go for butter roti as that always increase the taste and makes sure that you have a smooth and nice roti. 
  5. Normally tunduri Roti comes little burned. 
  6. So in case rumali roti is available go for that. 

So this was your help about choosing menu , So now the most important part is choosing the restaurant. 

Make sure you search these things before you enter restaurant. 

  1. Its online reviews are checked and in reviews make sure you check zomato and google review that always tells the truth about restaurant and extreme details. 
  2. Some restaurants are traps, my friends, they look better from the outside and will be always showcasing things and all but when you taste the food the food will be just normal nothing special. 
  3. So make sure you research the place and look at its ambience before you go. 
  4. In reviews you will find what the restaurant is actually famous for. Make sure that you order the very basic version of what the famous dish is. Because often restaurant have many verities that are bad and duplicate the famous dish. 
  5. So perform research, make sure you order the above two foods and then you are all ok to create a memorable experience with friends or best even alone.

So I hope this little article help you to find a better restaurant and even when bad what you should order! 

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