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Chicken salad dish is fooling everyone? know how!

Chicken salad dish is fooling everyone? know how!
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Chicken Salad Dish

Let me tell you the hidden secrets of this fake dish!
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So when the healthy wave hit the world and people thought we should make a healthy dish they made a salad.

They made a veg salad first and it was healthy! But restaurant added mayo and various sauces in it and that made the salad so worst.

Currently, very few restaurants deliver great salads.

So Let me tell you whats fake in chicken salad!

  • Chicken salad will be less dressed with veg dressing because chicken is the main part of the salad. 
  • There will be mostly fewer pieces of chicken in the salad and your need to eat the proper chicken will stay unfulfilled. 
  • So to be so sure there will be fewer vegetables that actually matter and there will be less chicken which is demotivating. 
  • Mostly chicken will have a dressing that will be toxic and removing that from your body could take years of detox waters. 
  • There will be a lot of sauces added to the salad if it is chicken salad because it is supposed to be tasty to you but it will surely be missing a broccoli. 
So the bottom line is ordering a chicken salad is a bad idea. Ordering a chicken special dish in starters and then having veg salad is the best way to cover the chicken salad. 

Benefits of these are, 
  • You will get to choose a lot and have enough quantity of chicken when you order a starter. 
  • Plus ordering a veg salad never fails as it has all the vegetables you need. 
  • While loving the starters you can have little parts of veg salad and enjoy the meal together as a salad. This will be a great experience than a chicken salad trust me. 
  • Enough chicken proper eating of vegetable bingo! we have a winning idea! 

I hope you like my experience and follow my suggestion. 
Don't let restaurants fool you or you
fooling yourself by eating a chicken salad. 

Improve order a chicken special dish in starters and a veg salad. 

This will be costly but where to spend money than food and knowledge! :) 

P o w e r o f N i L 

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