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E3 2018 : Just Cause 4 It is time to be Furious again!

Just Cause 4 It is time to be Furious again
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Just Cause 4 It is time to be Furious again!

E3 promises Just Cause 3. This explosion world is coming to a new version and
will never fail in surprising us more than the just cause 3. Now here are the details that say it is true news,

The steam guy from the retail person,
Confirmed the tags and preorders of the game on the store!
Which led to see the games that will be coming soon this Dec.

So are u ready ? for just cause 4?

Just cause 3 had explosions where various parts of the cars and helicopters and everything was visible and also it was very well designed to explode. 

That world was worth the price it had at the start! Don't you think? 

Check out some of the action moments from Just cause 3 here! 

Falling Bombs in the world! 

Helicopters reversed action! 

One thing that people loved so much is falling cars and drops of awesome things! 
Such as this missile car! 

And this awesome top of the world buildings with amazing views of the world! 
See Lamborghini falling from the Top! 

Also this world allowed to make some of the movie stunts possible in the world! 

Story missions were also good that involved protecting assets and more of destroying assets

So this awesome game is going to have the 4th version and it is going to marvelous.  

So stay tuned to for more E3 2018 updates and more on Just Cause 4! 

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