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Fruits! How to eat them right?

Fruits! How to eat them right?
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Is the first fruit that is famous by the quote that
have an apple a day and keep doctor away!
Well yes it is true and it is that much great of a fruit.

So! How to eat apples right way! Do not drink water just after eating apple.
Leave the apple in the body without water for 30 mins before u drinkk a glass of water. So that it is properly digested and does not turn into something else due to water.

Juice of apple avoid. Not just apple avoid all juices of fruits outside. They add water ! Sugar ! color !

So dont drink juice outside ever!

Always eat the raw fruits it is always better to have the fiber inside. So get the apple.

So Two types of people are there
1- need to lose weight
2- need to gain weight

type 1 - eat a lot of apples. dont eat other fruits.
type 2 - eat all fruits. combo it with walnut for more effect.

fruits are very good source but should u have it from outside or cut urself at home?

That is a very good question my friends!

U try ur best to cut them at home.

Fruits u avoid eating outside no matter what happens.

Grapes! The only fruit that needs a lot of pesticide in the farm to grow.
That is why it is covered with it! the white coating u see on the grape is the pestiside of the farm only

That is bad for ur health ! very bad!
its like a moment of sweetness and a lot of toxic wrapper.


So I hope I have answered ur most of the questions about eating fruits!

Time for me to get an apple!

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