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Why you should have only a Salad for Lunch?

Why you should have only a Salad for Lunch?
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Salad is a perfect meal for Lunch. Little bread in Dinner and Salad for Lunch is a perfect plan for your stomach and your stomach will be more happy with it than you for sure. Imagine a perfect Salad service and get a Salad service for Lunch everyday to your office thats the only way you will cover weight protein and energy in your body. Staying healthy is a dream and Salad is sleep. Until you sleep there wont be any dreams.

Many Types of Salads are available in the Salad menu and you can eat anything. There is so much importance of we humans eating the raw vegetables from time to time. So Raw vegetables will be only available in Salads so get to it!

This was a great one and will never forget it.

Chicken is great source of many healthy vitamins and protien. Chicken is good if you trying to get some Weight. Getting weight is so easier when you get chicken in the right way and have it.

I hope you have the message clear and here are veggies you must have to make sure you get proper salad.

- Green Veggies Atleast three: let it be any green leaves or veggies. Make sure that you have atleast three veggies.
- Lettuce dressing and more main contents such as pasta or sprouts or cucumber or watermelon or chicken.
- Salad Sauce : You can purchase it from a store and have a one of them that is good for your taste.

So make a great salad today or order one from any restaurant.

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is salad good for lunch


Salad for lunch

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