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Why Gaming is not a disorder and it is something more than entertainment?

Why Gaming is not disorder and WHO is wrong about it
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Any entertainment form in the world there is a practice of the bigger organizations like WHO or many others to make it sound like it is a disorder or a crime.
Drinking is not a big problem and it actually a solution to deal with some problems of our life. Wine is also threatened in some countries as a bad drink and people hate whoever brings wine near them.

Choice and overall reputations of the entertainments in the world are in the hands of some big organizations. If parents know that gaming is bad for their kids they will spend more time in taking their kids away from gaming and may not work on the things they have to focus.

10-20% of the working professionals of the world are now working for the Gaming industry and may have affected by this news and for some the giant gaming industry still have to worry about how much gaming sales will vary in numbers due to this WHO news.

Gaming is an industry to achieve a higher amount of clarity in animation and more smooth gameplay and mixed reality experiences to the world. Games are nothing more than sports it is just another sport and nothing else.

Sports and Gaming are not two different things. Gaming is not a career if you need to grow as a Gamer but it you enter into a gaming industry it is a career. World knows it in a different way and thinks that Gaming industry are worst to work with.

Well I totally disagree Gaming industries are totally worth working in it and this will be a good choice for your life. Gaming feels awesome so does working for games feel awesome too. We know that we cannot focus on the worst part such salaries your overall appraisals and everything. But you will be happy to be here in the gaming instead at a normal IT company.

You have all the chance to be creative in the gaming industry.

Why Gaming is not a disorder?
Gaming keeps you in situations and makes you take decisions for the character which is good and we make sure that this character does not dies.

This gives us more survival instincts and we are better with those skills in our mind. Situations do occur in our life too.

"Guy saved his grandma by driving her to hospital. He was 14-15 years old he said he learned to drive from GTA and it was his first ride to the hospital in an actual car"

These are actual incidents that prove that gaming prepares us for situations that we might never be had. There are also some games that prepare your mind for a war for a battle for the worst moment in a hotel.

So Gaming is just a way to feel the situations learn from them and use it in our life for making it better. So if you are a gamer you will know how to survive on a strange island [Far Cry].


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