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When will our Indian Educational System Change and whats wrong with it?

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We understand things differently but we know the value of degree in the whole Indian society. For people degree is everything and everything is degree. If you dont have degree that is the only reason you will be rejected
for marriage
for job
for good things that you do
for your help
for helping you

World in India is so different and very vibrant. You touch the strings that are wrong and people will be coming in front of your house shouting your name. They will not harm you but they will disown you for your mistakes and make you feel like a senseless person by doing many marchs on your home.

This new weapon of India is a gift from the MAN who is on the currancy note of India. That is Gandhiji.

Indian education system is something that is never improved and never thought off. We have very bad education system. People lack in creativity and doing startups. Very less startups have gone higher and made history. This is not just about Tech department this is about every department. Still the person with an idea is at a lower level and person who has money from Birth is at higher level. Business and politics both unite while tech industries of India survive on Outsourced projects. If all Outsourcing projects are removed from India we will have nothing but small companies that are so small that their salaries will not be so great. This is about Private sector. But to begin with Government jobs are first so much trafficked and so much hard to go into. Difficulty was maintained in the Government jobs but the same change of exams have not been seen in the Engineering or other fields. Medical is the only field that is well taught and well changed by the Indian Education System.

So why Degree is important?
If you achieve so much height in your business and you dont have a degree then you are not accepted in the Indian Society. People of India will accept only those people that are having degree's.

One thing we cannot change about India !



Suppose you dont have degree but you have a small job two good businesses and good amount of property still there will be no one who is going to give you another job or girl for Marriage in Arrange marriage cases.

Degree is the first thing they see in a profile of a Indian Candidate.

So Yes Degree controversy of our PMdoes take us to a tour of Indian Educations System. This still does not change anything and we are still back to our own unchanged Educational System.

I will be also putting the article on What to change in the Indian Educational System soon. Stay Tuned.


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