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Whatsapp messages can be deleted even after one hour | Update is in process.

Whatsapp messages can be deleted even after one hour
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Soon Whatsapp messages will be available to delete even after one hour. So before it was less time and with that, we had many problems. Whatsapp encryption is the best feature that is rising and it is the most loving thing by people. How good it is to know that our chats are not synced.

So it is normal for people to do a typo and write something wrong and sent it. Well in real life you cannot take back the sentences you said but it in Whatsapp world you will be able to now.

With the latest update, you will be able to delete your sent messages within one hour. That's the time you need to chase if you have sent any wrong message.

Why this one hour time matters! ?

Longer the time is longer is the time people have to take back what they said.

Why taking back the wrong messages sent is necessary for people?
So imagine if you have sent the messages by mistake to your boss which you needed to send it to your girlfriend. So What will you do in that case. There will be a longer apology train to your boss after that.

But with this feature, you will be able to take back the messages in one hour which is enough time and you won't be having to apologize for anything.

Why people need this update? Does that many people sent messages via WhatsApp?

So as you can see 44B messages received by people on a day that is a lot of messages and a lot of great analytics.
Except for China and its neighboring countries, every country uses WhatsApp.

I hope this update secures you a great future.

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