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Warning: This article is full of Cats! Why cats take over the internet?

Why cats take over the internet?
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Cats take over the world of internet so good and it is always seen that the videos of Cats have more views than many awesome songs. This world is more serious and vulnerable to cats.

When you post a video of you with cats you will get more liking from the world and this will be huge liking. Cats make a big difference and they have now started to define a lot about people. How people take care of their cats matter a lot.

Many variants and kittens are available in the market and pets have been always an answer to how not to be alone. People take cats and takes good care of them. This means a lot to humans now and they are more focused on cats than their own problems or problems of society.

Many humans give almost thousands of dollars in their cats health food and milk. This much nutrition and money invested could almost two - three humans from birth and take them to school also. We have more money invested in the cats than a normal human boy on the streets selling newspapers.

India is the only country where you will find street cats. Yes street dogs are their we have street cats too. They stay normally in the apartments and societies freely mainly they eat from dustbeans and most of the times the society people takes care of them. Like me here..

Many people take care of them when they had the chance and they can but they dont invite their society pet to their home because people hate the stuff they need to handle after they come to home and they left it on the streets and only takes care when they have a chance.

Many cats die between roads and crossing them in India. Sadly animals are not taken in a good care home in India and this is not gonna change in India more often. Love for animals lies in the rich peoples heart and poor and middle class people in the India have a lot more to think about and solve about than the animals shelter.

Taking care matters to animals too. But many countries dont have that much focus on the animals and they lack in support to animals and provide many shelters. Truly every time I see a dog or a cat on the street of India my heart breaks into pieces and I feel so much kindness for them.

Pray that they all get a proper care and have a good life on this earth. Its their world too.


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cute cats

cute kittens


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