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Tomb Raider review : Too much story and less thrill !

Tomb Raider : Too much story and less thrill !
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Cliffing from the nails and fingers from time to time! too much story building and character intros. Weird faces and weird characters. Tools and weapons just made and found somewhere on the island.

It was a good pleasure to see this story thru a game but the same pleasure is not given by the movie of the same thing. Storytelling in an action expected movie should be small and main character should show a lot of heart and self-respect!

The main character of the movie Alicia Vikander looks so different and the whole point goes down because of her. She does not look ok for an action movie and anything that she does is boring with her acadamy reactions and acting! It starts with daddy being good and perfect thats where things go wrong!

We are served action and thrill in trailer and that's what we get.

The movie is nothing but just a girls journey thru no enemies and just obstacles. She has to jump roll just like in the game! so why dont u enjoy playing the game instead! Right!

So finally I say with pride !Movie is not NEXTGEN! Sayonara friends and still wait for infinity war!

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