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Sony Xperia Ear Duo! Now just move your head to Right to change the song!

Sony Xperia Ear Duo! Now just move your head to Right to change the song!
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Sony Xperia Ear Duo
Move your head to the right to change the song!
Companion app which will handle anything that goes to your earbuds.
Time to leave smartphone in the pocket because it will handle all your notifications and messages too.
Comfort design is there and a great battery life too.

So Comfort wise it is not that good and looks like it gonna fall. Also, not every ear will be able to handle this earbud.

The thing about any earbuds is that you will get tired of it and leave them after some time. I had a great pair of Bluetooth headphones but I left them and it was bad investment from the side. I felt bad that I don't even get to see music anymore.

The thing to see here is how much they are compatible with the laptop or PC.
Technology wise and battery wise this is something good and funny too.

Suppose you are listening to a song and someone calls yours from the right! haha, the song changed!

This still feels like The sixth sense getting failed in small inventions like this one.

We still have a long wait for the sixth sense and if it is something that is going to be 270 $ then why don't we just use the normal headphones.

So it is NextGen but not a perfect one!
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