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Nebula Daughter of Thanos of Avengers Infinity War : All you need to know!

ebula Daughter of Thanos of Avengers Infinity War : All you need to know!
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Karen Gillan portrays Nebula in the 2014 live-action film Guardians of the Galaxy. She is portrayed as an adopted daughter of Thanos, and she is augmented and converted into a cyborg; at least her arms are completely mechanical, as she is shown making repairs to circuits in her forearm.

She will be back in Avengers Infinity war. Avengers this time looks so big and so much crowd and I just don't know how they will spin everything off and make it about Tony Stark and make Iron man shine.

So Nebula wants to kill his father and I just hope this does not change when Thanos have a small conversation with her. Nebula does look powerless and old. Time travel is in her blood so she might be looking retro to us in the Infinity War.

Thanos also have one more daughter and one son.
About Son what happened?
As soon as the Avengers arrived at Orollan in order to defeat Thanos, Ebony Maw tested Thane by freeing him. Thane could escape or could fight Thanos and become what he avoided his entire life. The boy agreed and embraced his true nature as the son of Thanos by fighting his father.

Just a hint!
Infinity war does not mean that war is infinite!
It means that war about infinity stones. The glove of gold that u saw in Thanos hands it has to have the infinity stones then he will be unstoppable.

So Nebula will succeed or not or there will be someone else to kill Thanos?

Well, don't be a friend to the comic lover he will spoil everything for you.

This comic movie is going to be Nextgen
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