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Kaala Teaser is Out and Rajinikanth is still punching and kicking!

Kaala Teaser is Out and Rajinikanth is still punching and kicking
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PA Ranjith A very different kind of Director who showed his true skills at Kabali is now back with another movie which is Kaala.

Teaser starts with NANA saying Kaala Ye kaisa naam he re!
These two are nothing but giants of the industry and it is good to see them in one movie after a long time. This movie is based on a true story and it is about a man who risen up with the slums and then stayed like a king in the slums. When you are a king even in slums you will be poked and challenged. So here Rajnikanth is Kalikaran he is surely looking so great in his form and his look is gonna make crores in the box office. Dhunush is so lucky to produce it and whole world knows that he is going to be so much more than a normal actor in the movie.

Rajnikanth a person who is blessed so high by the god and he found his wealth and power thru constant prayers to god and ultimate hard work for his fans. He have now entered in Rajkaran politics of India.

He came into politics and said he is here for making a change and making people believe in the government again. and in the end he also said.

"If you dont like and if I cannot change India then I will quit in three years after trying and give another party a chance."

His philosophy is so great and he is so well known of life. because he was a bus conductor and now a worlds superstar. Many people from abroad also watch his movies and pray for him.

So its coming soon! and its gonna be a NANA Rajni Blast!

Stay tuned for more
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