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Diljit Dosanjh CON.FI.DEN.TIAL songs | All songs of this Punjabi star are awesome and this album has everything you need to hear!

Diljit Dosanjh confidential album review of all songs
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Diljit is back with his new album. This star has proved again that all songs in album can also be hit and enjoyable. Each song carries a different subject and understanding which makes it enjoyable a lot.
Diljit is totally going so deep in Punjabi pop in his new song High End showing his luxury cars and houses he makes entry like a king and just this video is gonna make so many dreams and so many daydreams for Punjabi teens and people.

Album is available to listen here always if you can please listen to all the songs and know that Diljit Dosanjh is very awesome and in the end you will also say!

Keep calm and listen to Diljit Dosanjh

All songs yes this might be his first time showing all songs almost above 4 stars in review. I am sure this album is gonna go so up and every indian is going to listen to this made tunes Diljit makes.

One song which is "Future" in the album. It tuned really nice to Karda Karda and this is something new and we have never got something like this from Diljit ever. Future is the most loved song for me in the album. If you listen to it you will also cant sstop singing it in your brains.

For the High end I have high hopes this is the best from Diljit from a long time and it was best but there are other songs which are pro and I just hope that videos come for that too.

My another favorite from the album is "Weekend"
Weekend ni sade naal karale tu spend ni !
So awesome lyrics and I could not stop singing this song. One day I woke from sleep and this was still ringing in my brain and then came out from my mouth and I sang weekend ni !

So addictive ! Diljit is making another entry in the music business and now after this album I just cant stop myself from going to his concerts !

So Keep calm and be confidential about it! :)


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