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Anon 2018 Movie Trailer is out and it is Thrilling!!!

Anon 2018 trailer is out which looks so in future that is feels like 2050.
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a nextgen movie !!

Matrix Spinoff and a new concept story of crime and enhanced humans. Anon is clearly something so good that looks right on NextFlix and not in a Movie theater!

I dont know how someone decides that but the way ANON is made it looks right for Netflix. It is clearly something that NetFlix people will love and not that exciting that u would have bought a movie ticket for it.

So Anon is an upcoming science fiction thriller film directed and written by Andrew Niccol. The film stars Clive Owen and Amanda Seyfried.

The story is set in a Soviet-style future where the government is trying to fight crime by eliminating privacy, thus creating total surveillance and de facto self-censorship. A police officer named Sal Frieland (Clive Owen) is a tough cop who is doing his best to fight crime in his city. However, things take a huge turn when he meets a hacker known as The Girl (Amanda Seyfried), with results that might lead him to blow the whistle on his own government.

Plot and overall story and the action and thrill of this movie looks so good. So are you ready for popcorn at home and Netflix subscription?

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