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Xiaomi Mi TV expected to launch on 14th Feb! Here is all u need to know

Xiaomi Mi TV launch in India
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Very slick very awesome very slim very true HD and importantly very cheap

who does not want a MI TV

So it is expected to launch this 14th Feb along side Redmi Note. MI TV's are so good and they are only launched in some countries. But according to the latest sources said that MI TV will be launched in India soon.

MI event is all set up to thrill with New MI note and with more surprises to the fans. MI currently also in talks because latest memes that talked about MI being a seller of Cheap phones.
Rest said people will always make fun of anything and MI is continuing the support and selling of phones made in india.

MI TV added to India's purchase list also gonna make chaos in other brands TV sales and according to that a large price drop is expected with the other brands who are size of a 4k TV but not 4k yet.

4k is something that is far away from India and people here cannot be that much investive to 4k TV. This goes same with the Gaming in India.

All in all a big news and big thrill is expected tomorrow on the valintines MI special.

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Xiaomi Mi TV

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