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What will happen when Intel brings a Gaming console?

Intel on gaming
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What will happen when Intel brings a Gaming console?

Perfect is a word Intel’s client and RnD departments head quote normally. They are perfect in making software and Hardware. So what if this Giant comes up with a Gaming console.
Well this is a lot of thought and something that needs to be put on the paper.

Intel a core in ur PC that is Intel then windows happen then ur Mac happen. Power is what intel is sources is what Microsoft will be. Intel currently is very happy with what they do and their status in tech. Their main focus is tech and it’s RnD department. They have major tech clients lie in government and military n nasa too. Super computers is every bigger organisations necessity and it is a requirement for nations.

Intel knows many things that we normal person don’t understand and dream of.
Whatever that is achievable and can be done thru tech n code intel makes sure that they make it possible to people. Actually the team that they have Nothing is impossible for them. Intel that hires talents from bigger universities n they have major understanding in embedded systems .

When they bring a console they will make the best console possible ever. Game will have new dimension to development. Intel is simply not interested to waste their time and money in something like gaming. Intel makes things possible for bigger organisations and help form bigger organisations. They cannot even begin to stop that and think about making more money because they have bigger responsibility than making money.

So they have turned to be an organisation that is more didicated to techs that part where they cannot move on to making money they are the one that cannot say that they work for money and stuff.

Intel has an responsibility to deliver to nations and to nasa and to security agencies. If they dont many things can stay undone and it will be a bad day for the world again. When someone becomes a giant then they really have to make decisions based on their responsibilities not by market research.

Companies need to follow their responsibility not the market research. Revenue will come when they follow and improve and complete their responsibility.

So Intel will not make a console anytime soon for sure because they have bigger things to do.

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