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Welcome to New York review | 1/5 | Total Satire with dressing of Stars on top

Welcome to New York review | 1/5 | Total Satire with dressing of Stars on top
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 Welcome to New York

A star ride that makes us believe at stupidity lies in the big systems and sometimes normal things that happen in normal peoples life is a part of big stars life or big systems issue.

Two normal people trying to become star and make a statement thru anything that pops up. 
A big content and a chance appears by the big stupidity from the event organizers but due to a dark path they choose very bad talent for the content so that it fails and the company stops the event. 
Will the event planner succeed in her dark path or will the non-talented normal people actually learns more in their field and impress everyone! 

If u r free then come for a star ride and that will make you wonder how it feels when stars appear in your life! 
Normal people Diljit and Sonakshi keeps up in their roles and tries to be awesome as much as they can. Movie starts with contest company being choosing wrong people and their intro song! 
Very low budget movie except a stars dressing for every 10-15 mins in the movie. 

Diljit is very good actor this I can say for sure. Diljit sings so perfectly and it’s sad to not see him singing in this movie. His songs are too costly or what? Diljit was not having his songs in the movie! 

His new song High end Gaddiyan could have been perfect for the movie. But sadly they did not see it perfect. 

Well this brings me to a question! 

Why this kind of satire with stars is necessary? 
From my prediction this feels like a priority 3 Work and they made it possible somehow in many years and old footage’s were combined to make this movie. Diljit and Sonakshee both are doing low in acting career. Diljit on the other hand can not be beaten in his singing career there is no other Punjabi singer who has this much fame in India and whole world out there. 

This movie is a result of a marketing research that if we have all stars that people like audience will not say no to buy its ticket. Well for Indian fans it’s true if they show Salman for 2 mins people will watch whole movie with Varun Dhawan and enjoy end with Salman Khan. This is truly analytic and it’s proven points in the market meetings that makes such projects posssible. 

This movie is a disaster to watch if you don't have any love for Bollywood and would not enjoy its satire

Conclusion: 1/5
Total satire and not worth a 2 hours of your life. Its good for TV time though and It will be coming on TV soon very soon may be in one month. 

I bet that Karan said after release of the movie that "I dont hear about anything about this movie ,, its earnings .. its analytics.. its review" 

Sayonara dosto
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