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VH1 Supersonic Pune All you need to know!

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Sean Paul was later updated half tickets are sold because of Marshmellow.

Lets roll!

You book tickets here!

Watch the artist list and there intro here

Line up and total artists are awesome and u r gonna love it for sure!

So r u booking let me know in the comments!

K so I am a vip season pass member of the Vh1 Supersonic :)
So I will be there in case u want to meet

Power of Nil

About this event.
There will be shops. There will be beer garden and there will be love a lots of love.
Music will be on the top and make sure u are at that right point in ur drinking habit where u will enjoy everything.

So This is all u need to know! its worth 7k rupees.
Let me know if u have any questions.

Power of Nil

PS there is Major Lazor too!
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Location Pune, Maharashtra, India

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