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Vahana Passenger experience Future Airbus | Launching soon

Vahana Passenger experience Future Airbus | Launching soon
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Vahana Passenger experience

This will be or an origin of the idea of your Future AIRBUS.

Very base concept till now and but have its model ready to fly with actual human pilot tests done!
A actual AI tests are not done yet for this one.

I imagine that this human adaptable drone is driven by someone at least remotely instead of AI. I am not sure if AI can handle everything that is happening around US. Also what if hackers hack it and send you with the drone to US embassy building? You will be exploded to pieces! :D

So this needs to be extremely secure and very very accident prone ride!

Flying is still not perfect for humans even flying through airplane is too much and cannot be something you can joke about.

So when this is done there will be a lot of new rules of traffic and security.

Still looks so rich and I believe will be available soon in Abu Dhabi for those rich heads to travel.

If we become rich :'(
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