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This Indian character symbol is causing Apple products to crash!

This Indian character symbol is causing Apple products to crash
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This particular symbol made the iPhone apps crash and because of that Apple has made an update and also distributed it successfully.

It is observed that this problem has been seen recently and if you have recieved a message with this symbol your whole phone needs to be wiped immediately as there is a lack of dumps and core management system when a hang or crash occurs in an iOS device.

The first report came from Italian source and they refered it as "Text Bomb".

In-app if you receive this message then the app will crash and in case if you receive the message with the imessage whole iOS could be at stake.

Why this happened ?
Characters they can be drawn from the keyboard and some ways on the text field to send. Their codes and ways to add are given by apple itself by anonymous ways. Testing of all those codes and symbols into the text field of all the updates of iOS and its apps updates is impossible and its just cannot be done. But yes in mobile testing a fonts various ways are also tested and they have their eye on it. But it is automated and limited to languages. So This character is the one that got missed thru the updates and issues.

In the testing field, we tend to ignore the parts where we believe that the issue won't happen and cannot be found any.

Also if the impact of the issue is negligible we could just ignore the whole part to test.

So a missed testcase is here that world has found and it made crash to the worlds iPhones and its really a weird one.

Why this was needed to be fixed?
Impact is high. Use of this character is low and cannot be that much harmful to the people. Then why apple fixed it and why it was needed to fix?

Reputation. In 6 days the fix was made and deployed to every device. Online apps were updated and online a control of that character was made so that the apps dont crash. Plus a hard update is now sent to the iOS people to let them know that a font crash wont occur again.

This builds a trust to people and its validity in peoples hearts.

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