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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety : Top 5 reasons to watch

Sonu ke Titu ki Sweety top 5 reasons to watch
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Luv Ranjan a person that knows how to bend love and show it twisted and knotted on the screen. We all know that if there is a couple you dont come in between them and try to take sides. This is so dangerous situations a guy has in his life which includes that his friend also angry at him and his girlfriend is also angry with you.

So Yes this is going to be a satire at the end and bromance is gonna get broken.Somehow the jouney of the movie looks predictible but its still going to be worth a watch.

So let's go over 5 reasons to watch Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety.

1. World of Bromance! 
You all know that one friend who you feel that you are very lucky to have. This friend will never bother you understand you love you handle your sadness and make a Alcohol plan for you when you are sad.

So Just go to the theaters with that one friend who will have better idea about the girl you are going to marry than you.

2. Those moments of your friends handling the Married you! 
We all know when a well-grown man turns himself in for marriage he gave up friends and bread that he eats, drink that he takes, time that he gave and the list goes on.
These moments will be so much relatable and will be a fun  ride to watch.

3. Aloknath being cool dad
Aloknath who got famous recently due to meme's. Kanyadan is his job in the movie but he is now a modern dad and understands C and F-words. It will be a fun ride to watch him and talk about love in the movie.

4. Bromance VS Romance
This is new and if some girl is doing the marriage for some deep secret reason then only your bro can save you from that girl. As this is something new it's going to very exciting to watch the chemistry between a person and his friends wife.

5. Will increase the respect you have for your friends
After watching this movie you will realize why your friends are important and how you should keep them always with you. Your Bro friends will never leave if it's not working out they will be still with you because it will always work out.

I believe after a long wait we do need some drama that is filled with humor from this time and fight between love relationships.

So get ready to enjoy the time with Sonu ke Titu ki sweety.

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reasons to watch sonu ke titu ki sweety

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety 5 reasons to watch

top 5 reasons to watch sonu ke titu ki sweety

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