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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Review | 4/5 | Movie that proves your friends are more important than any girl

Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Review
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Sonu ke Titu ki sweety!

Very simple and small point of our lives but we need to focus on it. Thanks to this film that this movie will increase the respect you have for your friends. Friends who support you in ur good and bad times cannot be just kept away when you get married. Your friends also deservers everything that your girl deserves.

So Here is the,

Titu a big businessman and broken in many relationships still want to make his life better. So he decides to get married. His bad luck meets a girl who has different agenda's than to just love Titu.
His friend Sonu is the only guy who can save Titu from that girl and stop the marriage.
He and she try their best to close many funny emotional episodes to make Titu believe who is right. So in the end who Titu chooses, Bro or biwi!

Started with breakups of Titu the movie makes sure that its going to be a fun ride. We have a friend that understands Titu and his life and his total girlfriends more than him. Then we get to the song Bom diggy which is great song and it justs change ur mood and charge us up for the fun ahead.

So Titu decides to get married. A large audience could relate to this point how ur friend gets away from you when he is getting married. I really saw myself and other audience enjoy the movie a lot with laughs and many claps too. Because this is subject they could relate on!

Luv Ranjan direction speaks itself and it is today based on their bachelor life and broz which is a another twist. We get to see broz get broken, girlfriends get broken and in the end a peace is made with another twist.

Luv ranjan also left the characters alone in the end and thats a golden point of the movie. Love is getting played by people out here off screen and it is only lust for money sadness and something people that people will never understand but it is not love

We think we understand love we know love and no body can love us more
Well your friends ! nobody can love more than your friends.
Friends love you unconditionally they dont want sex or demands or any gifts. They just want your time ur love back to you.
We think our love is everything and we cannot love someone else.

There is still that one friend of yours who have loved more to you even more than your lover. He is the one who cried with you, laughed with you and saved your body from touching other dancers in a party. If you make a choice to stay with that friend longer and never leave its hand then your life will be more good and happiness will never leave your eyes.

Movie almost made me cry when I saw Titu giving up the whole marriage for his friend. 

All ingredients are correctly put and its correct script! You will never feel bored in this movie and its  songsare enjoyable too.

So grab your friend and watch this movie today and make sure you never leave that friend ever for anything! Because remember as you need them in your bad and good times  they also need you in the same way. 

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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety movie review

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Sonu Ke Titu Ki Sweety Review

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