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Skydio's AI powered 4k R1 drone ready to follow you

Skydio's AI powered 4k R1 drone ready to follow you
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Drone tech is always so good to watch and explore right!
Read this article to know this device fully!

A 4k drone that reads the obstacles in the way and handles your 4k recording with balance and noise cancellation.
A really different tech still not sure about how it will produce the audio but I believe the audio could be produced by having a mic type device in your pocket.

Good range and not that good because it will not leave your far away. It is shown that it is programmable for video directors to record the angle they want.

This feature of drone is already available but it needs to be controlled by someone So this device brings something new and that is

Artificial intellegence
This drone is AI powered and really programmable the way we want.

It records in 4k and if you want another type of recording then that could happen too.

How this is useful and how much sounds it will make of its own that is still a question for us and cannot be seen the demo or its trailer.

Love this idea and cant sto imagine what I could do with it :)

Dreaming to have one
Tech modern guy

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Location Pune, Maharashtra, India

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