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Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus coral blue images Leaked | Getting Viral on internet

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus coral blue images Leaked
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A phone of that's making me mad and so desperate that I want to go out and buy this beast!
And now its changing colors

cant stop now!

Snapdragon 845 processor
With its own Face ID feature.
Rumours also say that it will have a Virtual Finger print scanner
Battery: 3500mAh
5.8-inch Quad-HD+ super

dual rear-facing 12-megapixel cameras
single-lens 8-megapixel front cam.
support super-slow-motion video
4K Ultra HD video

512GB of storage

The whole phone is just becoming a package where we might be able to hold it and buy it.
Plus all the added features and its elevated price tells me why I should not invest in gaming consoles or making a PC instead invest in a phone.

U having a smartphone and console and a good PC thats a combo I will go with
Rather than having to invest in Samsung Galaxy S9.
here is the calculation

750Euros= S9

So I believe it will be just a thing and may not be possible for everyone to buy.
I just dont understand why I should make a phone that only 10% people will be able to buy!

May you make the right and good and wise choice,
Tech Modern Guy
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