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Samsung Flip a board to your ideas!

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A board that could take your ideas to the next level and a device that could easily collaborate with other devices.

It is 55-inch UHD big display with Tizen OS and 8GB inside memory. You can draw on it and save it also play videos on it.
Also you can display your business video on it and keep it in your store.

It is imagined to be in school colleges. City buildings where maps need to be displayed before entering the building for people to understand where to go. Also it can also be used in hospitals for more visibility on simple things that need to be focused on security or for first aid steps to use after someone collapses.

This is also a good display collab device using the share display feature with its Tizen OS and you can have a bigger display as bigger as you want.

So a perfect device is launched by the Samsung and it is not for everybody but it is perfect. This device also has some glimpse of the very old tech mentioned sixth sense by Pranav Mistri on TED.

So it is very fulfilling to see Samsungs new Tech Always.

This is something you should surely buy if you want customers to stay in your store longer.

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