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Read Dead Redemption Release Date Post Poned! | When will games release in time?

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Rockstars confirmed earlier about release date as Fall 2017. So they apologized and give us more screenshot. The story od the game and also the total game looks so awesome.
Rockstar also mentioned that the release date postponed is behcause they need to polish the game more.

Now its good news that we now have a release date. Which is Oct 26 2018.

So wait is now longer will the fans build up gonna happen in this time frame. As it is so different game and fans may get tired of all the delay and end up investing in some other games more which leads to complete ignore of the current title.

Marketing is where the games industry should focus because gamers would love if the games shine more and they are the ones that play them.

Have a look at the awesome trailer here,

The true texas charm and accent awaits us and thrills us very nicely in the trailer.

When will Games release on time?

Even big publishers fail to produce the game on time. They pre-plan pre adjust pre design ecerything is pre decided and deadlines are perfect but something is always there that risks the release of the games.

Risks! How far can u see it ? How u act on it that really matters. When in the programming and validation process one issue can matter a lot and it can change the whole design of the game too.

So risks assessment is the only factor publishers should focus on for giving perfect releases.

Release date postponing is just an heart break for the fan that was waiting for the game. If its one more year then they are gonna hate the game for that.

Something interesting goes old, Its not gonna be interesting any more!

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