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Race 3 all songs will be superb and Chartbusters according to the insiders

race 3 music news
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Race 3 with Salman Khan! This small news gives us a lot thinking and so much thrill is expected on the way this Eid!

With Salman Khan in an Action thriller franchise, this is a dream come true for his fans. But this news and this cast also make us wonder when is the time for Dhoom to receive our Salman and have Dhoom's best movie till now.

Race 3 music news is here from the insiders of the movie and they have told that the music is going to be so awesome and is going to be CHARTBUSTERS.
Umai Sandhu, he is a guy that works in copyright and Indian governments department where films music trailers get rated and approved. As race 3 is not so far away he did tweet about the movie and he is the first official non-crew person that have listened to the music.

His tweet

What we know about Race 3 so far! 
Again more deep dive in this might hurt you. Remy Dsouza is going to be the Director. He is Choreographer who turned as director. So his focus is still going to be the Dance moves and not the action. We want race 3 to be very awesome in action and something that people will never forget and watch again and again. So with his previous films till now I dont think Remi Dsouza has everything to impress us.

Dhoom 4
Boom! Abhishek chasing Salman! Only Yash Raj would have made it possible somehow but! sadly that's impossible now.
If Salman comes in Dhoom their won't be only one Dhoom there will be at least two-three sequels to the movie and if Salman comes there won't be Uday, Abhishek or Arjit in the movie. So this is a remove for YashRaj films but can they do this!

Seeing the ultimate team already in the Dhoom making Dhoom there is a slight chance Tiger Shroff keep his hands on the New Dhoom!

His latest is making a lot of noise and this makes a statement that new Dhoom could be his movie!. Yet another point of view also sees that Tiger is not a racer kind of guy and cannot fit in both Race and Dhoom!

Finally, there is still a chance that Shah Rukh can be the next Dhoom Guy and he is still going to be perfect for the movie and no one can stop SRK entering a Yash Raj movie and making a Crores out of it.

So Race 3 is near and it is the next big Giant movie we wait for
Thanks to Umair Sandhu for the news and make sure you follow him on the twitter for more latest news.

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