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PS5 and Xbox Two release date news | cannot survive without this

PS5 and Xbox Two release date news
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All the good and star publishers have already been started working on PS5 and Xbox Two. This rumor cannot be stopped in the media over the gaming industry.

As achievement unlocked over Just Cause 3. It is said by some media sources that those developers are now have started working on Xbox two and PS5 for there next game Just Cause 4. PS5 and Xbox Two these are expected to be at E3 2018 but yes not official yet by any company.

Truth is really not out there and everything here is a rumor. But As I see it I believe they won't be Xbox Two and there will be PS5 because Xbox just had people buy X and now they cant just go ahead and say buy Two.

On the other side, Sony still has another market empty to make sales and see their growth over PS5.

There is also another question,
will people buy PS5 if they already have PS4?
Some people do feel pretty blocked and not having a full experience out of the PS4 games as they are costly and not many were exclusive.

On the other hand, Xbox Game pass is just making gamers so happy.

There is also a question which is shocking people,
When will PS start backward compatibility?
Xbox gamers are so happy with the love they have on 360 games and being able to play them on X1.

So Wait for the big news and revealations coming this E3 2018.

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