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PocketSprite your keychain with Gaming!

PocketSprite your keychain with Gaming!
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Keychain is your tool right? you take it everywhere?
So a gift to a gamer would be this keychain rather than some toy in gaming.

This is a Gaming keychain with many games fit already inside and can also kep the high score without names. Minigames works so fine as they are very small resolution and can have all the hardware they want.

Also it has a small speaker which will handle the sound for your high score :)

A perfect gift for your gaming friend..

So lets have a situation!

You are at a restaurant and your ordered and you are waiting.
You are done in seeing the things in your mobile because nothings done.
You dont play games on your mobile because you are outside and if you play battery will die a lot in 20 mins.

So your take this small Pocketsprite out and just enjoy the gameplay while your hot order comes. Sounds cool right?

So Really thinking of buying one and want to start one gaming session soon with the Pocketsprite

Very happy with the small tech
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