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One Plus 6 leaked images and its price

One Plus 6 Leaked images
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New phone: Oneplus 6
Worlds best Android phones are made by this company. 
One plus 6 was confirmed on 2018.
OnePlus always tells us to Never settle but its phones actually prove it. 

for the phone One plus 5 I believe that the world is pretty satisfied with the quality provided and they believe that the quality will be same for new ones too. 
Face ID is just new launched feature of OnePlus 5. 

Fully bezel less design is stunning and so good! 

World of smartphones needs to forget the Brick design of a phone don't you think.

Cool but will it come in a price of one plus 5T or not ?

One plus approves Never settle!
But its phone do look alike copied designs from the brands of the market.

Brand research is done and marketing strategy approves these flaunty designs but there is always less focus on what user wants. I hope one plus gets this and they actually asks their users to tell what they want.

Users are always ignored when they give feedback.

There will be no harm on what a user will tell and review.
In addition, he will be able to give a design that is actually very good and can be sold to people.

Price is 669$ as in rumor.

This is it for a while and Yo enjoy the images of One Plus 6.

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