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Nokia 7 Plus Leaked Pictures Price and specs

Nokia 7 Plus Leaked Pictures Price and specs
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Slim body
correct bezelless design
fingerprint sensor on the back
Two camera lens at the back to have better potrait
Fingerprint is also given on the screen [Not Confirmed]
Will have 4GB of RAM
Android one powered

As powered by android one people do feel that the price of this phone is going to be low. But as Nokia phones have recently priced I don't think this will be their budget phone and they will think of reducing the price.

There is no other picture of this but it will not be having any slimness compared to other phones ready to launch in the market.
Nokia will also be launching new phones which are small and in budget for everybody to get. But they will be very small and android powered which will have 1 GB of RAM.
Price is rumored 120$.
Moreover, Nokia last launched phones are not that much sold and their sales sound low. Adding these two more bricks in the series I dont believe they are making any good changes to their phones.

Future needs something other than brick smartphone.

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