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Nintendo Labo lacks a lot and nothing but sheets of paper!

Nintendo Labo lacks a lot and nothing but sheets of paper
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Something you accidentally buy which is surely gonna break into accidents.

Haha Got that, right ?

So let's talk about Labo it is very very strong cardboard that will turn into any peripherals you want except the ones of your dirty mind. Special made for kids that are innocent. Such kids are mainly found in Japan in Nintendo's employee's homes.

The reason why I am angry at this and making fun of it is that
it is new tech and it is not promising!
Switch is new console yet not promising.
That need for another console and other exclusive games will never end.

So switch tried something new! Some days ago news started to come in

What nintendo is doing? What are they up to ?

What do they do ? What are they doing these days?

They are bringing something incredible!

And they come out with these cardboards in their hands. A total dream killer move!

So If you are not kids dont buy this thing or the console itself stay happy with Microsoft's game pass and gold and so many games in your console[Not the same for PS4]

Angry Tech Modern Guy

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