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MidoJoy it is your Mini-PC, Another Monitor, Power Supply and Gamepad

MidoJoy it is your Mini-PC, Another Monitor, Power Supply and Gamepad
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A tech that satisfies!
As you see this device! this is next gen game pad and can do anything for you.

Very less people see that having a small PC and console combo in your life is the best and your dont need to worry for your whole life for more money on console.
With the consoles work on your games this can become your PC and second monitor with which your can handle many things.

Why we need this ?
A small device! we need to know the limit that what an small device is capable of ?

This limit needs to identified so that we can have many small handheld things in our hands in future and can work more better on them.

Such as company who is always online and all the work is in chrome then those companies can give this device to their employes then everyone can work on the device itself without having to seat on a chair and table and those big monitors.
Just lie on the bean bag and work on the MidoJoy.

This small device could really bring down the total money that is needed to setup the company and with this company can focus more on enriching their employees lives than on the hardware.

Really loved this new Idea and would love to see these small devices coming soon in stores.

Happy with Tech in the world
Tech Modern Guy

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