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Microsoft buys PlayFab a Gaming Startup!

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PlayFab offers Live ops service such as In-game messaging, content updates, In-game events, In-game Promotions, Real-time Segmentation.
Also, PlayFab offers Real-time analytics and easily integrable game services.

What is LiveOps? 
LiveOps stands for Live operators. Its the process that handles all the widgets such news widgets, event widgets, store widget. All these gadgets are connected directly to the server and they also can perform the marketing of your future products.

So LiveOps services offer a website a backend tool that can control update and regulate the behavior of the gadgets in-game.

LiveOps also includes check on Messaging, In-game segmentations.

A startup that started all these services is now bought by Microsoft which can tell us how important is LiveOps.

What is Real-time Analytics?
Analytics is the instrumented tracking events in the code that calls a web API to record the events in the game. This analytics help in analyzing which part of the game is more playful and which kind of multiplayer mode is more liked by the gamers.
These are similar to Google Analytics. But here the tracking needs to instrumented in code first which is offered by PlayFab.

This another purchase of a large industry tells how startups can be at higher point in there success. Today one more startup goes and joins the Big industry to improve LiveOps more for the games.

Cheers to all the new ideas and if you have one dont forget to get started on it.

With this article may you also find the idea of a Startup and succeed in it!

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