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Mercedes' hyper-luxury Maybach Sedan is set to launch 2019

Mercedes' hyper-luxury Maybach Sedan is set to launch 2019
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Mercedes a company that produces high end and high-performance cars for a very long time is still in the race and planning to launch another masterpiece next year.

As sources said we have another beast of luxury which rich people will also cry to get. It is Mercedes hyper-luxury Maybach sedan car. People can't wait to know its features and its awesomeness on the streets.

621 horsepower
6liter engine
biturbo V12
There will be two variants available for people to choose and their differences are actually the power of the engines.

Its first look will be launched in March 2018 at Geneva Motor Show. For purchase and pre-order we will still have to wait for 2019. Price of this new Maybach is a normal US worker two years salary which is 200000$.

Luxury cars! you will know when you should buy one and why you should when you become rich.

All the best for looking at these sweet pictures all day long and think about it.

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