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Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Headset will amaze you completely

Magic Leap One Mixed Reality Headset will amaze you completely
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VR is not that better now and it cant be. Also, mixed reality with normal glasses is a dream to complete. Everyone is still waiting for the quality provider Microsoft to give us the hololens. Its launch is expected to happen this E3 2018 and its gonna be a huge news and event for 2018.

This year Tech change and news are changing a lot and I see everything is getting very futuristic and companies are very keen to buy startups and support the fellow projects which are in the line of a bright future.

Another completed project with the mixed reality is Logic Leap one. It brings a lot of fun with the mixed reality and looks so cool on the eyes too.

But the games and fun things to do on this are limited that's why it is better to wait for the HoloLens from a Giant company. Magic leap supports giving mixed reality experience in front your eyes in your sensible lighted room and can be used a lot for drawing and moving things with your hand. With this, you can easily create many things using a complete touchable mouse-like device to control the behavior of the mixed objects in the area.

This can still not produce a lot of things and experiences are limited to this device and you cannot be having a full-featured mixed reality experience. This is certainly a good device if you want to try the mixed reality and have one in your home.

The best but not perfect and not many things to do with it.

Waiting for the mixed reality from a Giant Microsoft
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