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Intel Vaunt smartglasses launching this year | Awesome Heads up display of your smartphone

Intel Vaunt smartglasses launching this year | Awesome Heads up display of your smartphone
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Awesome and a smart one
A Vaunt smart glass is everything you need for your phone. Its completely safe and not gonna affect your eye or your vision or what you are seeing.

This is gonna be an awesome to see and this is what intel brings to us!

A Tech on your face not so big like the Google Glass.

The data is very long away from your eye and you can see it so far away and be happy with your vision.

Very less data is shown and you can also move the message to left to close and move messages to right to open with your head.

Also with the companion app you can decide which apps notifications you would like to see and which notifications can be sent by which contant.

Also the head motions the only two I believe are also programmable to say Yes or No.

So also according to sources this will also help you in seeing the shopping list in your glasses instead than the mobile so that your both hands are not busy and you can do more shopping than looking at your phone.

The main thing I like here.

I dont want to look down to my phone
Yes I dont want to look down

That will be stopped when I have the Intel Vaunt!

Right now it is very early stage tech and cannot be that much modified but yes it needs to be scaled right now according to your eye position and nose position to relay the laser notification on your glasses.

So in future, you will wear this glasses in the lecture and look with open eyes to the professor.

While you are actually playing a small game on your eye glasses that no one is able to know.

Got it ? Amazing right !

Amazed by the Intel
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