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Electronic Skin by the CU Boulder | Wonderful Tech

Electronic Skin by the CU Boulder | Wonderful Tech
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CU Boulder researched have made another wonder of the Bio Technological world and that is electronic skin. A tissue like architecture which can self heal malleable and recyclable. It is made for prosthetic development and bio medical devices.

So skin how this will help us and humans have better treatments ahead.

Also called as eskin

Sources said that this skin will automatically convert in the shape and sizes of the human wound and become skin after that. Will have greater protection and strength than the normal Human skin.

Also for prosthetic development this will be used with commercial license.

What this will stop and improve.
When there is a need of skin many need to transplant the skin from their other body part to the required one. This will stop if we have synthetic skin which is this much hightech and can be used so fast.

For human skin more important because this is what defines us. Skin is a medium we evolve and get judged. So skin investment of every human is almost half of his food bill in his whole life.

So eskin promise will change a lot of things and a lot of ways we all will improve if we got into accidents. History and hollywood movies showed that if you got into accidents you will get better with tech instead.

So are you ready for some eskin when you will be needing one ?

Happy with the BioTech World
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