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Chinese Police Are Wearing Sunglasses That Can process Face recognition

Chinese Police Are Wearing Sunglasses That Can process Face recognition
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To identify you and your overall police record your license record chinese police are totally prepared with the new face recognition glasses.

These glasses will recognise face and tell its info and police record. If your license is expired you will be stopped even when you are walking and will be asked when you will renew it.

So has this already started ? Yes this software also have helped them in catching fugitives and some never seen cons.

This is now gonna be a trend in police and very soon everyone will have these glasses believe.

I just have one question What will they do when we wear masks.

China is always getting ahead in tech and modernness than the US and it does reflect in this news. China is the first country to start this security option.

Some may not feel safe with this update and some will feel more safe with this.
But for a normal person you cannot face recognize him and tell him that his license is expired and you need to renew and fine of 200$ should be paid for that. This will be good but it is also bad if not used correctly.
If this is used for a bad purpose people will be tortured.

There is more to come. What if a thief designs this and he knows that your family is out somewhere and you are alone at home Or he knows that your balance is 2 Million dollars or he knows that you are out of the Cash ATM and got 20000$ cash out where he can follow threaten and take it from you.

When something good is made and if it used for bad reason then ! ! !

I just hope China knows this and world knows this

One innocent death happens!
Whole humanity will have to pay its price!

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